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KIMI RAIKKONEN is disappointed at the German Grand Prix…

July 24th, 2005

Kimi Raikkonen retired with hydraulic failure while leading in a cruel blow for his title hopes… at least had the chance and was humble going into the race. Mechanical problems ultimately determined his fate. At least his team mate, Juan Pablo Montoya who started last on the grid after a crash in qualifying, gained eight places on the first lap. See and read more about this disappointly turn of events at the UK Yahoo Sports site…Who else was disappointed with this outcome? What could have prevented this event from happening, anything?

Personally, not that I have the right, but I’d like to ask and know how old the hydaulic lines were and what the protocol was in servicing, installing and maintaining them was. Not to place blame, as that wil do no one any good, but rather from a quality point of view to prevent this type of unnecessary occurance from robbing this promising driver and team f their due… a winning race a key moment. Perhaps there was nothing to change in the protocol, but from an overall system prodedure and quality POV, ther must have been some signature to this tragedy. Or was it completely magical and needs to be written off to ‘Mother Murphy’? Will we ever know? Of course not.

At least we can go over the team by team analysis of what happened and to whom at Yahoo News

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NASCAR at Pocono… who’s happy?

July 23rd, 2005

Hello everyone in NASCAR Racing…

Jamie McMurray is one happy driver. It has been pointed out that he only likes the top starting spot, who wouldn’t? This will definately secure McMurray’s job for the year ahead according to the powers to be in the racing news arena. Perhaps he’ll really shine for the circuit next year to make all his fans happy along with Chip Ganassi Racing who has picked up the option on next year’s contract… that’s gotta be one happy contract holder. Looks like everyone will be proffessional and suportive.

He is definately a team player. After all he is signed with Ganassi for another year, but pledged his full commitment to the team. There’s a lot to be said for someone who is committed to being a team player. An inspiration to the fans and the sport as a whole. Check out this story and all the up to the minute news with NASCAR at

Just a thought, back at you later…

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RAIKKONEN speaks before German Grand Prix

July 23rd, 2005

Hello Race Fans everywhere…

With a little more than a day before the German Grand Prix, KIMI RAIKKONEN is quoted on the McLaren main site “I am happy to be on pole which is the position that the team deserves after all the hard work. Surprisingly the car wasn’t handling as well as in free practice this morning. My qualifying performance wasn’t perfect as I had a short moment when I slid a little too much at the second to last corner due to oversteer. Anyway it’s good to start from pole position, but I expect a tough race tomorrow. Unfortunately Juan Pablo has to start from the back following his off. Obviously I would have liked him to start from the front row to make it the optimum result for the team today, but that is motor racing.” and with this attitude, as with Cinderella, anything is possible.

We’re rooting for RAIKKONEN, of course. His humility and composure for a young Driver is quite befitting the opportunity and challenge. To see a configuration of the course and follow the race tomorrow from the McLaren site, click on the ‘Circuit Guide’ to the left of their Main Page under ‘Introduction’. Check the site out at

Back tomorrow at Race Time…

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Cinderella at German Grand Prix?

July 22nd, 2005

Hello Auto Racing Fans everywhere…

is Cinderella coming to the Ball? We think this just might be the case. And why do we suggest this? Because one driver, Raikkonen, was the fastest in the practice session on Saturday July 23 2005 at 00:00 IST in Hockenheim, Germany. Otherwise Raikkonen may not have any possibilities to be the one in the Winners Circle in Deutschland this jahre, the equivalent to Cinderella getting to the Ball. What do you think will happen? Will Cinderella show up at the German Gran Prix?

After all, “McLaren’s Kimi Raikkonen, who needs to win” Sunday’s German Grand Prix to boost his fading title hopes, was the fastest race driver in the first of two practice sessions at Hockenheim on Friday.” So let’s root for him to get that special place in the sun that that he and the entire McLaren Team want and deserve.

I’ll have more tomorrow…

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