The Pan-American Highway…

October 3rd, 2005

“Since the Conference of American States in 1923, there have been plans to build a Pan-American Highway – a continuous roadway running the full 25,800km (16,000 mi) from Alaska to the bottom of Chile.” Yet there is still an incomplete part that hasn’t been finished. I thought, that’s odd, where is it left to be completed? Mexico, perhaps Chile? No, “the border between Colombia and Panama, where the Darien Gap – a lush rain forest with one of the highest degrees of biodiversity in the entire world – forms a natural, virtually impassable border.” With this in mind, one must ferry to the next part.

To help guide the traveler I found “The Only Guide Book on the Subject – Exclusive – This Updated Version – 2004 – of Driving the Pan-American Highway…” an eBook that appears very useful and complete.

John (CarGuru Sr)

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