The 10 Ugliest Cars in Modern America

October 6th, 2008

Look at any other list of ugly cars and you’ll see a host of the usual Gremlins, Pintos, Pacers and Corvairs. Not here! Oh no friends, those cars could even be classified by today’s standards as trendy and retro-cool.

So what are the 10 absolute ugliest cars America has seen since the days of the Gremlin?

Feast on these horrors of auto design:

2001 Pontiac Aztec:

2001 Pontiac Aztec

Before this list is over, Pontiac will own 30% of the mentions. Don’t you love U.S. auto design? Go team! The homegrown Aztec looks like a lunar lander. And a poorly designed one at that.

1999-2001 Isuzu VehiCross:

2001 Isuzu VehiCross

I’m pretty sure something went wrong at the assembly plant, because it looks like this car missed a few steps and shipped out before it was finished.

2003-2006 Subaru Baja:

2006 Subaru Baja

What happened? The team at Subaru must’ve taken a company retreat into the ’70s and emerged thinking a cross between a car and a pickup would be a good idea. It never was. It never will be.

2007-2008 Jeep Compass:

2007 Jeep Compass

It looks like Benjamin Franklin: a round spectacled face and odd proportions all around.

1985-1994 Chevy Astro:

1994 Chevrolet Astro

Unless you think driving a tool box is cool. Then the Astro belongs on the 10 coolest cars of all time list.

2005-2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible:

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I’m reminded of an amusement park ride where you sit in the log and go over a waterfall. The PT Cruiser convertible is the log.

2005-2007 Buick Terraza / Chevy Uplander / Pontiac Montana:

2007 Buick Terraza

The snout! Look at the snout! GM didn’t just treat us to one of these piggy little things, they brought the design across 3 brands! I don’t wonder why GM is losing money. Weird.

1990-1996 Pontiac Trans Sport:

1996 Pontiac Trans Sport

Not only does the absurdly long nose make it look like a door stop, I’ve personally known two of these vans that have spontaneously combusted. And looked BETTER after the flames were extinguished.

2006-2009 Mercedes R-Class:

2009 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

What is it? A minivan? An SUV? Oh wait, I know: It’s for old folks who want Mercedes’ version of a Transport but with less chance of fire.

2002-2007 Bentley Arnage:

2007 Bentley Arnage

Yeah, I’m saying it. This Bentley is proof that even a $350,000 car can’t outrun the ugly stick.

Think I missed something? Think there’s a car on this list that shouldn’t be? Let me hear it!


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    1. MerkurManPaul
      July 10th, 2013 at 19:18 | #1

      I don’t think I’d say the Bentley is ugly. Maybe it’s not as bold as some would expect a Bentley to be, but it was still quite pretty.

    2. eleanor
      December 17th, 2012 at 18:13 | #2

      Nissan juke
      Buick Enclave
      Chevy HHR and SSR
      Subary Tribeca and Impreza
      GMC Terrain and Acadia
      any Scion
      Prius C
      Mazda 3

    3. Soniabug
      December 14th, 2012 at 12:23 | #3

      The ugliest car is sadly enough my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder after my boyfriend was done with it!

    4. Critical
      February 17th, 2012 at 17:38 | #4

      Pfft. I agree on the vehicross, and the aztec, and MAYBE the uplander/montana/terraza, but you’re smoking something on the rest of them.

    5. Jason
      May 13th, 2011 at 19:50 | #5

      What the XXXX? Who exactly are you to diss these rides… I’ve come across much worse… thumbs down

    6. Middy
      February 15th, 2011 at 14:40 | #6

      You’re ugly,number 11 on the list pal!!!

    7. TechGuy
      August 27th, 2010 at 22:10 | #7

      Does Mercedes R Class look ugly?? Start a poll or something in Facebook and you’ll realize that it is infact pretty….or rather, a bit professional looking. But it ain’t ugly in any way!

    8. Will Bain
      October 6th, 2009 at 17:15 | #8

      The Dodge Magnum has “dork who wanted a muscle car but his wife wanted a wagon” written all over it. It got an extra dose of the in-your-face-phallic Dodge styling.

    9. Vickie
      January 28th, 2009 at 17:37 | #9

      “I’m reminded of an amusement park ride where you sit in the log and go over a waterfall. The PT Cruiser convertible is the log.”

    10. Ross
      October 18th, 2008 at 15:23 | #10

      Subaru B9 Tribeca
      Subaru Forester (1st generation)
      Toyota RAV4 (1st generation)
      Fiat Multipla (not sold in america)
      Subaru Impreza Hatchback (newest gen)

    11. October 8th, 2008 at 09:27 | #11

      What about the Chevy HHR? Now that one fell all the way down the ugly tree.

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