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U.S. Electric Car Industry Hits Super-Sized Speed Bumps

December 12th, 2012
Tesla Model S, stranded

The "unpluggable" Model S

The Tesla that couldn’t move.

The Fisker fires.

The A123 bankruptcy.

The CODA Automotive layoffs.

It’s been a rough end to 2012 for the U.S. electric vehicle industry, but all hope is not lost. Maybe Chinese companies can step in and take some ownership in an effort to right what sometimes looks like a quickly sinking ship.

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Fisker Karma Breakdown Leads to Lesson in Recalls

March 27th, 2012

Like many auto writers, I was quick to jump on the recent story of the Fisker Karma breaking down during a Consumer Reports test. Yes, it was big news and a huge embarrassment to Fisker. Yes, the timing was terrible, and it was an incredibly hurtful public introduction to the Karma.

But the breakdown might not have been Fisker’s fault.

Automotive News reported yesterday that A123 Systems, the supplier of the Karma’s batteries, will recall the lithium-ion packs used to power the luxury sedan. The defective batteries are linked to the recent problems experienced by Fisker Karma owners, according to A123 CEO David Vieau. The company has taken full responsibility for the problem and will spend $55 million to make it right.

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