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10 Cars Fit for a King (James, That Is)

October 24th, 2014

2015 Kia K900

LeBron James recently made some big news by promoting the Kia K900, not because he was being paid, but because he’s a big fan of the car. He has since partnered with Kia to promote its luxury brand. LeBron is not a small man, but the K900 seems to be a good fit for him. But that got us thinking: Is the K900 really the best fit for LeBron? We looked at our data to determine which vehicles can best fit someone of LeBron’s stature. These cars are truly fit for a “King,” or at least a very big and/or tall individual.

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Why the New Dodge Dart Isn’t Selling… Yet

January 23rd, 2013

2013 Dodge Dart

Dodge executives seem to like their levers.

Imagine a small room where the man who heads Dodge sits. He’s surrounded by buttons, knobs and levers. He knows he can pull certain levers and sales will increase on recently introduced cars. It’s quite an amazing setup, and when a car like the new Dodge Dart hits the market, but fails to sell in numbers he had hoped, all he has to do is pull some levers and everything will be okay.

The question is, why weren’t the right levers pulled in the first place?

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Cars Coming (and Going) Soon: Goodbye to Compass and Town & Country, Hello to SRT Dart

May 31st, 2012

SRT Dart

In the category of things that are long overdue, let’s place this:

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has confirmed that the Jeep Compass and the Chrysler Town & Country will end production. I’ll pause for a collective cheer.

While speaking at the Chrysler Belvidere Assembly Plant, Marchionne said the Compass will continue to be built at the facility through August 2014, at which point it will be replaced by a new model. He also said the Grand Caravan will be the automaker’s only minivan moving forward. Marchionne also let slip his company’s intent on the development of a Dodge Dart SRT model, saying the performance-oriented vehicle is coming just as soon as they figure out how big an engine to put in it.

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Nissan Juke-R Proves a Point: Fast Makes Up for Small and Ugly

January 11th, 2012

The Nissan Juke, in its stock form as a small crossover, defines the word “distinctive.”

Nothing else on the road looks like it. It’s small and bulbous but efficient and sure-footed. Its headlights poke out above the hood like a crocodile’s eyes breaking the surface of the water. Some might call it a playful look, others regard it as downright ugly. Its 1.6-liter direct-injected inline-4 turbo puts out 188-hp. Paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, some might even say the Juke is a fun, spirited drive. With the standard CVT transmission, though, it’s like piloting a car propelled by rubber bands.

As I always like to say, 188-hp is OK. But 485 is better.

Introducing the Nissan Juke-R: a vehicle all automakers should imitate at least once.

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Dart Name Revived for New Chrysler Compact

December 7th, 2011

New Dodge Dart, front

Chrysler will show its new Dart, based on the Alfa Giulietta platform, live at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

We hope this car will add to the company’s recent success (sales are up 24 percent this year), just two years after it looked like roadkill.

We told you something about this car in September, but new details have emerged. It will be called the Dart, not Hornet. The original Dart embodied one of Chrysler’s better (though very staid) longstanding production runs, from 1960 to 1976. Like many Chrysler-haters, some of us used to convert its name to begin with “F.”

The new Dart “will offer three 16-valve four-cylinder engine choices: A pair of new 2.0 and 2.4-liter engines codenamed Tigershark or a FIAT-developed 1.4-liter turbocharged MultiAir four-cylinder.” Some teaser images, which you see here, are popping up on the Web.

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