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Let’s Get a Little Weird with Cars and Bacon

August 30th, 2013


If you’ve ever heard comedian Jim Gaffigan talk about bacon, you know his bacon bit goes on for an uncomfortably long time.

The man loves bacon, as do most citizens of these great United States.

Some of the bacon-related things we obsess over are the sound of bacon cooking (like applause, according to Mr. Gaffigan), the hunt for bits o’ bacon in lettuce, Kevin Bacon and the ability to wrap almost anything in bacon to make it better. People love bacon.

And, now, buyers of a certain car can opt to have it wrapped in… bacon. Because that can only make it better, right?

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An Engine in a Suitcase, Or an Electric Car?

November 19th, 2012
2013 Ford Fiesta

2013 Ford Fiesta

In my book, many interesting conversations can be had using the words “turbochargers” and “superchargers.”

In a conversation with a friend this weekend, though, my mention of the words were met with a blank stare. I guess not everyone is into cars or even terribly knowledgeable about what makes them tick.

Our talk began with a question. My friend asked, “What do you think of electric cars?”

Well, that’s quite the can o’ worms in my world, and talking through the answer took the better part of the next 30 minutes. We discussed everything from the environmental impact of battery manufacturing to electricity production to supporting infrastructure to the mechanics of how superchargers and turbochargers work in gas and diesel engines. Of course, my bottom-line answer to her question was this: Electrics have the right idea in saving fuel, I’m just not convinced of their execution. I’d prefer to go with an economical turbo gas or diesel vehicle.

Like maybe the 2014 Ford Fiesta, with a 1.0-liter EcoBoost 3-cylinder.

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New Ford Ideas Are Crazy (and Genius)

May 16th, 2012

2012 Ford Fusion

Two recent developments from Dearborn could be used to make the case that Ford has gone crazy.

Or to affirm the fact that the people running Ford are geniuses.

If a company decides to eliminate its name from advertising, well, why bother advertising, right? Naturally, if someone brought up that idea in a marketing meeting, he or she would be labeled as crazy and promptly fired.

“You know, Mr. Mulally, I think for our next corporate ad campaign we should avoid the word ‘Ford’ and quite possibly not show our logo, either.”


That same guy is probably the one who recommended a motorcycle engine for the next Fiesta, too.

But, you know, both ideas kind of make sense.

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