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Would You Go Electric for Free Insurance?

July 2nd, 2012

The ‘buy a car and get insurance’ shtick has been around the block before.

General Motors experimented last year with giving away insurance as a way to entice buyers, but quietly let the program expire after it failed to bring in crowds of willing customers.

Honda has become the latest to try and lure customers with free insurance, but only on a single model that really shouldn’t need incentives or gimmicks to boost sales: The Honda Fit EV. You would think Honda’s first electric vehicle would be popular enough on its own, but the company hopes its offer of no-cost insurance will help get 1,100 people to sign the dotted line on a lease.

If this story seems suspicious to you, you’re not alone. I read about it and immediately asked myself three questions:

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Have a Teen? Make ‘Em Drive One of These

July 1st, 2011

In case you thought it was impossible to make the Honda Fit look any weirder, check out the non-Photoshopped image above of the Honda Fit Shuttle.

The front three-quarters looks like a regular Fit, but the rear looks like the regular Fit has filled its diaper.

And what’s with the tri-color pointy C-pillar? The Fit Shuttle is certainly an odd duck, but as of now it is meant only for the Japanese market. Which is mostly OK with me, except I think it would make a perfect teen car here in the States. It’s ugly, not too fast, but reliable, and able to haul sports equipment and musical instruments. Because that’s what teens do with their cars, right?

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Japanese Destruction Leads to Higher Car Prices

March 22nd, 2011
Toyota Prius

Will the Prius sell for more than MSRP?

As supply dwindles and production continues to sputter, new-car shoppers are already seeing higher prices for some of the more fuel-efficient Japanese vehicles.

The cost of the imports is going up, because earthquake-related production shutdowns in Japan are reducing supply of the autos that people are increasingly snatching off dealer lots.

That’s a simple supply-and-demand equation, with cars like the Toyota Prius and Honda Fit becoming more popular as gas prices get closer to $4 per gallon. It just so happens those are also two of the cars hard-hit by production slowdowns, and dealers are raising their prices, in some cases, to over MSRP.

Will a similar price increase trickle down to used cars? It’s entirely possible.

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