KIMI RAIKKONEN is disappointed at the German Grand Prix…

Kimi Raikkonen retired with hydraulic failure while leading in a cruel blow for his title hopes… at least had the chance and was humble going into the race. Mechanical problems ultimately determined his fate. At least his team mate, Juan Pablo Montoya who started last on the grid after a crash in qualifying, gained eight places on the first lap. See and read more about this disappointly turn of events at the UK Yahoo Sports site…Who else was disappointed with this outcome? What could have prevented this event from happening, anything?

Personally, not that I have the right, but I’d like to ask and know how old the hydaulic lines were and what the protocol was in servicing, installing and maintaining them was. Not to place blame, as that wil do no one any good, but rather from a quality point of view to prevent this type of unnecessary occurance from robbing this promising driver and team f their due… a winning race a key moment. Perhaps there was nothing to change in the protocol, but from an overall system prodedure and quality POV, ther must have been some signature to this tragedy. Or was it completely magical and needs to be written off to ‘Mother Murphy’? Will we ever know? Of course not.

At least we can go over the team by team analysis of what happened and to whom at Yahoo News

John (CarGurus_Sr)

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