New IRL Events

This coming weekend on Sunday, August 28, there is an Indy Grand Prix at the Infineon Raceway, and will be a new event for the IRL. Also, on September 25, another Indy Grand Prix will take place for the first time at Watkins Glen. Two new classics in the making for the ever popular Indy Racing League… I’m doing a little reading and research and will be back later.

John (CarGuru_Sr)

Lower Repair Costs… Mean Lower Insurance Costs For Mustang

It’s easy to understand that the easier a car is to repair, the less it costs to insure. Nothing hard about that. So a lot of Mustang enthusiasts will be happy to know that recently in the August 11th of the CourierPost Online in the South Jersey Business section they released this long-awaited verdict from the Insurance Information Institute regarding body repair costs for the Ford Mustang, which had been high. Engineering is a beautiful things when it meets marketing and distribution. Something that is harder than it sounds when a company must coordinate and impliment coordinated changes in a timely manner.

This is appropriate, as last weeks car popularity results from Yahoo were released the other day. I wonder if the Mustang will become #1 soon?

John (CarGuru_Sr)

2006 Porsche 911 Carrera

I found a great 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera 4/4S Cabriolet review at “” and wanted to discuss this magnificent machine, but this review is so complete and precise I won’t even attempt it.

You see, I am really partial to the 911 since the first time I saw one up close. I won’t repeat what’s in this review, only suggest again and recommend highly that any fellow aficionado check this out. That’s all for now… go ahead, check it out.

Is the Autobahn a parking lot? Sometimes… if it’s for the Pope.

An entire stretch of the autobahn near the western German city of Cologne was transformed into a parking lot and a one-way street. This way busses could transport visitors to and from World Youth Day. The young spiritual visitors were moved via shuttles away from the Marienfeld with as little difficulty as possible. Also, for them and the expected return of vacationers in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, where school starts again this week, everything thing without any significant issues.

In addition, the German railway added an extra 400 trains to get the larger than normal crowds back to Cologne from the makeshift place of worship. The Autobahn as a spiritual experience has been assumed for years by many, however, this took spirituality and automotive transportation to a different di

I couldn’t help but find this event a tremendous example of secular and non-secular cooperation for mutual benefit. Anything may be possible with these kinds of logistics and cooperation moving over 1,000,000 people. Consider changing the flow of the highway or Autobahnfluvi‘ of this precision superstructure with only a few issues.


California Emission Standard finds new homes…

For decades people across the United States have laughed at California for being to so different. Usually, it seems California is viewed as being very permissive. Actually most of the time California has been heavily restricted and monitored through laws ahead of their time. In this case, the California emissions standard, which originally made cars and gasoline sold in California cost more is now being adopted by two other Pacific Northwest States, Oregon and Washington.

Considering that there has been a large effort on the part of auto industry lobbyists to kill the move, it is impressive to see these States defying the moneyists, lobbyists that is, to stop the adoption of California’s new vehicle emission standards to reduce greenhouse gases. It’s about time. I mean really, hello! Years ago when I was in College, pre-Oil Embargo‘s 1 and 2 in the 70’s we needed this alignment then. I am grateful for this change in Policy. Better late than never. Improvement is much more preferred than status quo for sure in this case. We all want our travel freedom, which is dictated by the cost of fuel for or cars.


Rimi meets Cinderella and the evil stepmother?

Yes, it’s true Rimi Raikkonen has won the inagural race of the Turkish GP. However, some are troubled by the second place winner and title race leader Fernando Alonso snatching that spot on the penultimate lap.

From the inside Press Room at Team McLaren Mercedes we hear Kimi’s rise is quite inspiring for all aspiring young drivers. Let’s take into account that he made it despite not being from a wealthy family or getting support from a major backer in the beginning of his career. Progress has occured from talent and being in the right place at the right time to secure and acquire the oportunities that life can bring when preparation preceeds them.

Fame has not moved Kimi’s feet from remaining firmly planted to make it easier for the Cinderella Effect to play out, which it appears has begun with today’s results.

This is the kind of story that dreams are made of… high achievement and accomplishment.


Wrapping up the week ending 8.20.05…

I have written about him before and that perhaps Cinderella will come and share some magic for Kimi for this F1 Grand Prix event in Turkey. I wonder if this time Cinderella will visit this charismatic F1 driver from the McLaren Group. Today he secured another chance on the Pole as other drivers missed their marks at the inaugural Turkish GP. Many drivers struggled for a Pole position and Kimi came out again and gets another one at the Istanbul Park circuit. Last time Cinderella was nowhere to be seen though. Maybe, just maybe this time.

On another note, while taking my turn at ‘hand selection’ for the Category pages, I ran accross this very unique General Parts website, Inner auto Parts, that is really user friendly and ahead of the pack when it comes to being descriptive and informative.

Requests have come in for Race Track Rentals for individuals with their own cars. We found this one easily and like the action oriented layout and design at Race City. Feedback is welcome as always.

Finally, I just can’t leave alone the whole Auction – Lien Sale aspect of acquiring vehicles. Prices are hard to beat. So, I startd with one of the largest US cities, Los Angeles and their own OPG or Official Police Garage. A great resource to start from if anyone is near here geographically.


More gas issues… Downunder too.

Consider that we here in the US use gallons and those in Australia use litres for a moment. Keeping in mind how upset people are here in the US that gas is up think about this, 1 gallon = 3.78 liters ! The Austrailians are paying approximately $1.20 Austrailian for a litre of petrol as they call it. So, if the average gas in the US is $2.60 then gas in Austrailia is the equivalent of $2.84 approximately, considering the exchange as of today that an Austrailian Dollar is worth approximately $0.7515 of a US Dollar. That’s around a 9% difference for them that is higher than we are paying.

So, what it comes down to once again, as it has in previous gas and oil pinches, we here in the US get a better deal. That’s politics of course and for those who think its partisan, think again. The absurdity goes back a long ways. It can best be summed up by recalling one of the political scandals in the film, “Citizen Kane” regarding oil scandals. Also, during the Viet Nam War, the stock market of the 1960’s helped drive up oil prices, wars use lots of oil, so by the time Nixon came into office in 1968, a price control response and the first big Oil Crisis occured. A few years later under Carter and then under Bush Sr and now under his son “W”. Wait a minute this looks a little slanted… let’s look a little deeper with a little further research. Is this a cycle, like the weather and the seasons that even though we would like to think we have control over we really don’t and are being immature and playing a blame game to feel better? Possibly, but could our egos take it? Could we rise above the history of partison finger pointing and justly for the people, by the people stop the anger and get a positive solution? More tomorrow…


Gas prices and refineries… part 2

If the entities that own and control these energy sources over produce then what they produce is not worth as much if as when there is less produced. Make sense? Simple huh? Supply and demand, right? Except that humans have emotions and those are controlled by many factors, some that include the chemical fuel result of the food and drugs we consume. Couple this with the indulgence in various emotions like fear, anger and greed… to produce a mass response, money starts moving or it is withdrawn from the flow.

Why do I discuss this here? Simple, this is the 3rd or 4th energy crisis I have experienced in my life. All of them involve oil in the Middle East. Yet, what they truly involve is the unmonitered individual awareness of personal needs versus wants. We all want more of something. In days gone by to want more was better and required more energy to operate more machines or have other people operate more machines. Are you following me so far?


Gas prices and refineries… part 1

When was the last boom in refinery construction? Didn’t the Saudis offer to build one here and our Government said no thanks. Can we ask slanted questions? You bet. Actually when you sit down and truly assemble the facts and put them together and consider the politics, not the political parties so much as the politics of control, money and communication, the outcome may appear different than the mainstream media would like us to believe.

Issues involving energy production at refineries, distribution and the ownership with risk are monumental and quite staggering to ponder… more tomorrow.