Firestone 400 finds a Winner that wants more…

I only was able to watch the last 25 or so laps in that the holding pattern of intensity. When that Green Flag finally flew, it was quick magic that unfolded. The Chevy Yellows made a respectable showing yet Herta and the Andretti Greens had it in the end. The smell of suspense from the track’s surface must have been intense. Those last laps and especially on that final lap when it became clear Bryan had claimed the spot as… Leader of the Pack and winner of this special event. Bryan, being a native of Michigan, had possibly imagined winning a race in his own home State, ever since he was a kid… after all he’s homegrown. Take a look at the comments in the Firestone IRL IndyCar Series race report – Firestone Indy 400. The report sees what these new tires can do in a pinch. .. and what they did for Byran today.

This link to Herta really letting loose is really great… Yahoo!>Bryan Herta wins IRL Firestone Indy 400

John (CarGurus_Sr)

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