Chicago & Indianapolis one-time Auto Manufacturing Capital contenders?

Is this hard to believe? Not really when you think about it. Consider that perhaps the first Auto Show and Auto Race where in Chicago before the turn into the 20th century.

Another contender, Indianapolis in Indiana, also fell by the wayside like Chicago. Both have retained some remnents of their Auto Capital runner up status. However it is the Indy 500 that has found its own way as the largest sporting event in the world according to some of the biggest names in sports reporting that I’ve spoken with recently.

At the turn into the 20th century, Indianapolis looked as though it could become the automobile manufacturing capital of the world. The big names of the industry at that time, like Marmon, Duesenberg and Stutz, were in the Hoosier capital city. Keep in mind that Henry Ford was still nearly a decade-and-a-half away from making the Model T and Detroit. Mr. Ford would become synonymous with automobile assembly and manufacturing in the United States, of course.

Fact: The American automobile was born in Indiana.

John (CarGurus_Sr)

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