More gas issues… Downunder too.

Consider that we here in the US use gallons and those in Australia use litres for a moment. Keeping in mind how upset people are here in the US that gas is up think about this, 1 gallon = 3.78 liters ! The Austrailians are paying approximately $1.20 Austrailian for a litre of petrol as they call it. So, if the average gas in the US is $2.60 then gas in Austrailia is the equivalent of $2.84 approximately, considering the exchange as of today that an Austrailian Dollar is worth approximately $0.7515 of a US Dollar. That’s around a 9% difference for them that is higher than we are paying.

So, what it comes down to once again, as it has in previous gas and oil pinches, we here in the US get a better deal. That’s politics of course and for those who think its partisan, think again. The absurdity goes back a long ways. It can best be summed up by recalling one of the political scandals in the film, “Citizen Kane” regarding oil scandals. Also, during the Viet Nam War, the stock market of the 1960’s helped drive up oil prices, wars use lots of oil, so by the time Nixon came into office in 1968, a price control response and the first big Oil Crisis occured. A few years later under Carter and then under Bush Sr and now under his son “W”. Wait a minute this looks a little slanted… let’s look a little deeper with a little further research. Is this a cycle, like the weather and the seasons that even though we would like to think we have control over we really don’t and are being immature and playing a blame game to feel better? Possibly, but could our egos take it? Could we rise above the history of partison finger pointing and justly for the people, by the people stop the anger and get a positive solution? More tomorrow…


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