California Emission Standard finds new homes…

For decades people across the United States have laughed at California for being to so different. Usually, it seems California is viewed as being very permissive. Actually most of the time California has been heavily restricted and monitored through laws ahead of their time. In this case, the California emissions standard, which originally made cars and gasoline sold in California cost more is now being adopted by two other Pacific Northwest States, Oregon and Washington.

Considering that there has been a large effort on the part of auto industry lobbyists to kill the move, it is impressive to see these States defying the moneyists, lobbyists that is, to stop the adoption of California’s new vehicle emission standards to reduce greenhouse gases. It’s about time. I mean really, hello! Years ago when I was in College, pre-Oil Embargo‘s 1 and 2 in the 70’s we needed this alignment then. I am grateful for this change in Policy. Better late than never. Improvement is much more preferred than status quo for sure in this case. We all want our travel freedom, which is dictated by the cost of fuel for or cars.


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