Rimi meets Cinderella and the evil stepmother?

Yes, it’s true Rimi Raikkonen has won the inagural race of the Turkish GP. However, some are troubled by the second place winner and title race leader Fernando Alonso snatching that spot on the penultimate lap.

From the inside Press Room at Team McLaren Mercedes we hear Kimi’s rise is quite inspiring for all aspiring young drivers. Let’s take into account that he made it despite not being from a wealthy family or getting support from a major backer in the beginning of his career. Progress has occured from talent and being in the right place at the right time to secure and acquire the oportunities that life can bring when preparation preceeds them.

Fame has not moved Kimi’s feet from remaining firmly planted to make it easier for the Cinderella Effect to play out, which it appears has begun with today’s results.

This is the kind of story that dreams are made of… high achievement and accomplishment.


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