Wrapping up the week ending 8.20.05…

I have written about him before and that perhaps Cinderella will come and share some magic for Kimi for this F1 Grand Prix event in Turkey. I wonder if this time Cinderella will visit this charismatic F1 driver from the McLaren Group. Today he secured another chance on the Pole as other drivers missed their marks at the inaugural Turkish GP. Many drivers struggled for a Pole position and Kimi came out again and gets another one at the Istanbul Park circuit. Last time Cinderella was nowhere to be seen though. Maybe, just maybe this time.

On another note, while taking my turn at ‘hand selection’ for the Category pages, I ran accross this very unique General Parts website, Inner auto Parts, that is really user friendly and ahead of the pack when it comes to being descriptive and informative.

Requests have come in for Race Track Rentals for individuals with their own cars. We found this one easily and like the action oriented layout and design at Race City. Feedback is welcome as always.

Finally, I just can’t leave alone the whole Auction – Lien Sale aspect of acquiring vehicles. Prices are hard to beat. So, I startd with one of the largest US cities, Los Angeles and their own OPG or Official Police Garage. A great resource to start from if anyone is near here geographically.


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