Energy Questions Arise

Please forgive me, I went on vacation to do a little research and my focus was quickly shifted to the situation in the Gulf States. With the current events regarding Hurricane Katrina and the corresponding $3.00 a gallon national average gas price here in the U.S. is surfacing as a byproduct of this global catastrophe. A few questions that have been waiting for an answer and still haven’t been addressed. At least one or two of these questions from the 1970’s come to mind. You ask what questions?

Let’s think about this for a minute or two. Got any idea what the heck I’m talking about? If you don’t, that’s OK as that means you’re under 40 at least or forgot, as some might prefer. Tomorrow, I’ll start addressing these questions. In the meantime check out our new CarGurus listing in the Service Department under Oil Companies for the clues and source of questions and answers we discuss, question and deduce possible scenarios and outcomes.

Finally, tonight let’s give a big thank you to those cowboys down in Texas for stepping up to the plate to offer assistance when the complainers were wasting time instead of taking action to create a solution. Where are the other states? Why is Texas first to get the ball rolling and the World for that matter? Perhaps it’s that old cowboy value system of getting the work done and not putting it off. Taking positive action is a pro-active solution in almost anyone’s book.

What about the Galveston Hurricane at the beginning of the last century? How long did it take for help to come or to rebuild that city? Do the complainers and talkers have any facts on these questions? I sincerely invite a well founded response.

The last question is the most difficult for me to ask. It is the saddest and most troubling one of all that I can fathom at this time. What is the moral and ethical base of a society that produces people when stressed, murder, rape, rob, hijack, pillage and plunder their fellow citizens? What happened to ‘When the going gets tough the tough get going.‘ or are what we all witnessing the result of lax and complacent values?

That’s enough tonight. I’ll start answering, one by one those questions with facts and what the ramifications could manifest or create, signaling a needed change for us all to ‘step up’ and ‘be a force for good’ as Anthony Robbins suggests and lives by.

John (CarGuru Sr)

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