1970’s Energy Issues In The 21st Century

Well here we go again… “The OPEC meeting is expected to focus on the price levels over the past two months, likely increase of at least 500,000 bpd in the official production ceiling of more than 28 million barrels, quotas of the members, supply and demand and prices in the first quarter of 2006.” Sound familiar? Probably only if you were around and remember the Oil Issues of the 1970’s. I remember, boy do I…

I was going to college and supporting myself and little CarGuru_Jr, with a Pillow Furniture business that a friend of mine and I started with $50.00 each in December of 1971. By October 1973 we had built our business to a respectable position. However, the OPEC tight-lipped mafia-like monopolies had their famous meeting and the next thing we knew was our cost for polyurethane foam went up almost 100% overnight. Pretty greateful for a bunch of thugs that relied on our engineers, technology and money to even find out that they even had oil…

Bottom line is that until we discover and create the next energy source for our cars and trucks we are going to be hearing a lot of variations of these themes for sometime to come.

John (CarGuru Sr)

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