Why do we pay less than the rest of the world for gas?

I found this fundamental document that the EIA from the US Government has published. Essentially, it covers well the area of retail pricing of gasoline along with why California pays more for theirs.

However, wasn’t the Alaska Pipeline that was built for the Citizens of the United States supposed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil? Obviously, the Politicians and “Big Oil” have ignored and not addressed this long enough so that the average American has forgotten all about it. The Trans Alaskan Pipeline was hot news and offered what was promised by our government to bring us the freedom from foreign and Arab oil. I haven’t forgotten the years of hype and printed words in contracts.

So I want to know where the – – – – is the reduced oil and the oil terminals on the West Coast to land and distribute this? No answers, huh? Well, I have only begun to dig. I believe it is for a greater good to find out and get the answers so we can create a solution to our problem.

We were promised that the Alaska Pipeline would help us become energy independent. So, are we? No, pure and simple. Is this a partisan issue? No. We have members of all parties that sold out or found something else more important. Have you?

John (CarGurus Sr)

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