California Emission Standards Roots, Causes And Solutions

One city, Los Angeles has a large problem that drivers and residents will face sooner or later. “Los Angeles air is filthy. Each day, some 1,650 tons a day of pollution that causes ozone are emitted, as well as 293 tons per day of particulate matter and 60 tons of sulfur oxides, which form particles downwind. ”

That’s some heavy numbers for such a big beautiful city to handle. That quote came from the local newspaper tabloid LA Weekly. It’s an interesting source of editorials and what’s happening and where to go in this city of cars.

We had cleaner air here in the early 80’s. Some of the solutions that were used are outlined in this LA Weekly article, great detail for a free paper.

1984 Olympics Traffic Controls: When Los Angeles hosted the 1984 Olympics, city and AQMD officials kept smog down for athletes by increasing carpools, keeping trucks off the road at rush hour and providing more public transit.

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