Porsche-Volkswagen, This Time

I am partial to Porsche’s. I’ve tried to talk myself into loving other cars as much, but it is no use. The Doctor designed a great icon and engineering masterpiece.

When I came across this article today in ‘Business Week‘, I had to see what it was all about. After all, buying an old partner seems a no brainier. In the 70’s if you went to Europe the old 914 model had a very distinct ‘Volkswagen-Porsche‘ brand attached to the body in at least one place. So reading this about Porsche buying VW sounds great, at least for VW to prevent a ‘hostile takeover‘.

What about the shareholders of Porsche? Well, we’ll see what the voting stock says, which is all controlled by a particular family and Porsche itself. Truly ‘Old World’. Who’s to say that this isn’t the way to make sure that the Company has the best chance of making money? Porsche has definitely done that.

John (CarGuru Sr)

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