A Trans Alaska Pipeline System [Taps] response perhaps…

I came across this article, “US Closer to Building Natural Gas Pipeline “, yesterday and reflected for a day. This is something of interest, of course, yet not what we wanted, regarding our upcoming Press Release “Request for Disclosure of the Trans Alaska Pipeline Systems Statistics Since Inception“. This request was sent to all U.S Senators and U.S Congressman with working eMail addresses that are working, on behalf of CarGurus for public disclosure.

I have wondered, as perhaps you have, what became of all the time, money and pipeline output of the touted Trans Alaska Pipeline System? The site that I linked is the company Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and they do disclose current output information, yet one must wonder. Weren’t we told decades ago that the Trans Alaska Pipeline System would free us from foreign oil dependency? I haven’t heard any definitive results, have you? I did hear about the Exxon ‘Valdez’ event that ran up another big bill. What are we now afraid of fear itself? Mr. Roosevelt would have something to say about all this and so would Ike. Yet the new attitude from the Alaskan Governor Reuter’s article is most interesting. Do they know something we don’t? You bet!

And if your interested Mr. & Mrs. America and for that matter any citizen concerned with the escalating gasoline prices are encouraged to ask their Senator or Congressperson, also as we have…

To be continued…

John (CarGuru Sr)

What Does 30 – 50 Cents Mean To Drivers?

Previously, I asked what does it matter if you or I pay 30 – 50 cents more for gas in our cars. I know and you’ve most likely heard the emotions surrounding the gas price issue currently, so let’s detach to get a clearer view. So what is the cost difference and what does it really cost me per year if gas is up 30 – 50 cents a gallon.? Interesting, for sure. In my car and using my average driving mileage per day my figures are $156 per year, driving 65 miles per day at 30 mpg. That works out to a little over $12 a month or $3 a week or a little more than 40 cents a day. So why does the media and the informationalists want me distracted and upset about 40 cents a day? Simple there are other more important issues politically and socially occurring or ready to occur that are to be overlooked by the masses so others, the few, can wield their power without resistance. The worst part is that our leaders in both the voices of the left and right factions are being employed to carry this out.

However, a few years back I would have ended up with different numbers. I had a car that got about 12 to 15 mph, which was my choice. However, I noticed some fundamental differences that were taking place, namely 911. This was more than a random hostile act. It came at a time when we had been coming out of easy oil prices. I reflected back on the 70’s and a similar feel was present so I sold my luxury gas hog and got into a vehicle that achieved 3 times better gas mileage and would reduce my cost of operation by 2/3 of my usual monthly expense.

Actually, the issue is how much gas is left on the planet and does it really come from dinosaurs?

John (CarGuru Sr)

Why Does 30 – 50 Cents Matter?

Down under it matters quite a lot as to which cars and the health of the Auto Industry as a whole according to ‘stuff.co.nz’ latest article “. What is driving the car industry?” In Australia this article says that big cars are the thing and now with gasoline, or petrol as they refer to it, prices higher that the Australian car manufacturers there are having a rough go of it.

Considering that gas rising in price by as much as 30 to 50 cents a gallon over the past few months affects more than just the U.S. driving public.

John (CarGuru Sr)

What Is The Delphi Part? Part 3

Well, Delphi appears to be breathing easier since their filing. Now they have placed some of the cause to the originator, GM, who surely can’t be all that happy to take on more liability with their own financial situation still unfolding. Keep in mind that the UAW has some bad news though for its membership. The negotiators and business agents got paid. The membership is feeling it more than the ‘suits’.

I must ask and stop here for now, was this ‘Social Equality‘? Personally I don’t think so, yet I must come clean and admit that I surely don’t have all the facts at this writing. Does anyone?

John (CarGuru Sr)

What Is The Delphi Part? Part 2

So what are the conditions basically I asked myself. This is what I’ve seen and have ascertained thus far to date.

All entities involved have been dragging their feet. The relationships are not looking at the long term greater good, nor being flexible or socially equitable in this condition that all entities have a hand in creating as far as I can see. Management must have something to manage that can be competitive in the marketplace. Labor through their unions must be realistic as to what are ‘market-real’ contracts and plan and train their membership to adapt to the ‘market-real’ conditions that are more like physics than egos or opinions of yesterday when there was more to go around. ‘Market-real’ includes ‘right-sizing’ not only labor’s wages and benefits but also ‘right-sizing’ managements salaries, bonuses, perks, benefits, etc. to be proportional without the archaic emotional component of greed.

What is coming and coming soon is the ‘C’ word, consolidation within the Auto Parts Industry Sector to handle the global competition that is forcing prices ever lower, a seeming never ending cycle.

This headline a few days ago drew some interest, “Visteon spin-off firm stirs interest“, and I’m not the only person seeing these kinds of articles as more than filler for a special interest news publication.

John (CarGuru Sr)

What Is The Delphi Part? Part 1

Delphi is in the NEWS and trying to survive. Can Delphi management and labor work an ethical, mutually beneficial solution out for everyone concerned? Let’s hope so. Perhaps they can step up and create a solution.

“Delphi wants to cut wages from $27 an hour to $10-$12 an hour and eliminate a jobs bank that gives full pay to 4,000 laid-off workers, officials from UAW Local 292 in Kokomo, Ind. said in the letter, which was posted Thursday on a union Web site. Delphi has about 25,000 UAW-represented workers.” This is what got my attention from the Yahoo! article from AP, titled “Delphi Asks UAW to Cut Wages, Benefits”, which got me wondering. According to the article, which lays out some pretty clear issues that stand between Delphi, the UAW and GM.

In days gone by, management has used tactics supposed to benefit the ‘Shareholders Value‘.

I ask did those tactics work? No.

Obviously they need to rethink the current possible outcome of Bankruptcy by October 17, 2005 and again cut a deal that the U.A.W. and their members won’t like. “The auto parts maker is not cash-strapped…” A Trustee, of course, will determine, under the current Bankruptcy Code, what to liquidate of Delphi’s contracts, without much adieu. However, after the 17th that will change, then it will be much tougher to reduce or wipe clean certain contracts and obligations.

Management now has the leverage to regain a competitive position and remove the uncompetitive deal that the Union sold its members to address the heavy unemployment situation in ‘Detroit‘. The challenge remains how to look and proceed for the greater good, which has been neglected for decades.

John (CarGuru Sr)

The Pan-American Highway…

“Since the Conference of American States in 1923, there have been plans to build a Pan-American Highway – a continuous roadway running the full 25,800km (16,000 mi) from Alaska to the bottom of Chile.” Yet there is still an incomplete part that hasn’t been finished. I thought, that’s odd, where is it left to be completed? Mexico, perhaps Chile? No, “the border between Colombia and Panama, where the Darien Gap – a lush rain forest with one of the highest degrees of biodiversity in the entire world – forms a natural, virtually impassable border.” With this in mind, one must ferry to the next part.

To help guide the traveler I found “The Only Guide Book on the Subject – Exclusive – This Updated Version – 2004 – of Driving the Pan-American Highway…” an eBook that appears very useful and complete.

John (CarGuru Sr)

Caveat Emptor – Hurricane Damaged Cars

I read this brief and to the point article from News 18 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and had to comment here.

It seems there is a general warning to watch out for hurricane damaged cars. Let’s help the victims and not become victims ourselves. Many of these vehicles should be kept in the junk system to be crushed and placed in containers, shipped and sold to China to use for their huge appetite for scrap metal that seem to never end.

John (CarGuru Sr)