What Does 30 – 50 Cents Mean To Drivers?

Previously, I asked what does it matter if you or I pay 30 – 50 cents more for gas in our cars. I know and you’ve most likely heard the emotions surrounding the gas price issue currently, so let’s detach to get a clearer view. So what is the cost difference and what does it really cost me per year if gas is up 30 – 50 cents a gallon.? Interesting, for sure. In my car and using my average driving mileage per day my figures are $156 per year, driving 65 miles per day at 30 mpg. That works out to a little over $12 a month or $3 a week or a little more than 40 cents a day. So why does the media and the informationalists want me distracted and upset about 40 cents a day? Simple there are other more important issues politically and socially occurring or ready to occur that are to be overlooked by the masses so others, the few, can wield their power without resistance. The worst part is that our leaders in both the voices of the left and right factions are being employed to carry this out.

However, a few years back I would have ended up with different numbers. I had a car that got about 12 to 15 mph, which was my choice. However, I noticed some fundamental differences that were taking place, namely 911. This was more than a random hostile act. It came at a time when we had been coming out of easy oil prices. I reflected back on the 70’s and a similar feel was present so I sold my luxury gas hog and got into a vehicle that achieved 3 times better gas mileage and would reduce my cost of operation by 2/3 of my usual monthly expense.

Actually, the issue is how much gas is left on the planet and does it really come from dinosaurs?

John (CarGuru Sr)

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