A Trans Alaska Pipeline System [Taps] response perhaps…

I came across this article, “US Closer to Building Natural Gas Pipeline “, yesterday and reflected for a day. This is something of interest, of course, yet not what we wanted, regarding our upcoming Press Release “Request for Disclosure of the Trans Alaska Pipeline Systems Statistics Since Inception“. This request was sent to all U.S Senators and U.S Congressman with working eMail addresses that are working, on behalf of CarGurus for public disclosure.

I have wondered, as perhaps you have, what became of all the time, money and pipeline output of the touted Trans Alaska Pipeline System? The site that I linked is the company Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and they do disclose current output information, yet one must wonder. Weren’t we told decades ago that the Trans Alaska Pipeline System would free us from foreign oil dependency? I haven’t heard any definitive results, have you? I did hear about the Exxon ‘Valdez’ event that ran up another big bill. What are we now afraid of fear itself? Mr. Roosevelt would have something to say about all this and so would Ike. Yet the new attitude from the Alaskan Governor Reuter’s article is most interesting. Do they know something we don’t? You bet!

And if your interested Mr. & Mrs. America and for that matter any citizen concerned with the escalating gasoline prices are encouraged to ask their Senator or Congressperson, also as we have…

To be continued…

John (CarGuru Sr)

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