Is 14 Billion Barrels In 38 Years A Lot?

I asked myself ‘Is 14 Billion Barrels In 38 Years Alot?’ last week the last time I posted on the Blog. At the time I was preparing the Press Release that has had 1,000 reads according to PR Web as of tonight. Pretty good for no interest. Haven’t received any responses, additional information or corrections to date. Perhaps the thinking process has begun, which is a great way to start in the solution of any problem, especially this one.


Well, perhaps when anyone does the math, Middle School level that is, not ‘Rocket Science’, then taking the figure published on the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company website stating “Since pipeline startup in 1977, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, the operator of TAPS, has successfully transported over 14 billion barrels of oil.” becomes somewhat more real than the appearing size of the number they state, which obviously is correct since they posted this around mid-September of this year. Using only a little common sense and some basic critical thinking, one asks some basic fundamental questions to come up with what this means today.

First, how many gallons of oil per year is that? How many gallons of gasoline are in a barrel of oil? 44% of a barrel of oil becomes gasoline approximately, according to EIA.

Second, how many gallons of gasoline is that since 1977? Using the EIA relationships and figures that would be approximately 6.1 billion gallons of gasoline in 38 years. So that becomes 162 million gallons of gasoline per year.

Third, how much gasoline does my car take when I fill it up and how many tanks per month?

Hmmm… what other questions can this bring to the surface of this interesting and core issue in our national energy policy?

What do you think Mr. and Mrs. America? Let me know whatever your thoughts are. Let’s be part of the solution this time.

…to be continued.

John (CarGurus Sr)

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