Waving Drivers

When I was in high school, I really, really, REALLY wanted a Jeep Wrangler. Not because of the way they looked or drove, but because I thought it was, like, so cool to, like, have so many, like, people to wave to all the time. In other words, I was infatuated with the idea of having lots of auto -matic and -mobile friends just because we all drove the same car. SO cool.

As I’ve gained more experience on the road, I’ve realized that a lot of cars have this type of etiquette. “You drive a [car here]? Me, too! Let’s wave!” Not only that, but waves have extended beyond cars to locations; in the parking garage of my condo building, we all wave to one another whenever we pass. Talk in the elevator? Heck no! Nod while getting mail? Too much effort! Say, “Hello” as we pass in the hall? So bourgeois! Salute the fact we both drive? Yeah, dude.

Anyway, as for specific car waves, here are some of my favorites:
Best name: Corvette etiquette = “Corvettiquette.”
Best classic wave: Jeep Wrangler and VW Beetle
Most impressive multitasking: Harley Davidson
Best public transportation entertainment: The Bus driver wave
Best South Park lampoon reminiscent wave: Hybrids
Newest happy yuppie wave: Minis
Least likely to wave (according to the linked forum): BMW M3

Anybody know of any I have missed?

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