The coming of the 2007 Lexus LS 600h is near

Lexus is throwing down the gauntlet to all other manufacturers of hybrid vehicles. The LS 600h, scheduled for release in spring 2007, is going to be the world’s first V8 hybrid, a hefty accomplishment that answers the whining that ‘hybrids can’t be as powerful as a regular engine.’ The 5.0 liter V8 will have a horsepower output of around 430, and still falls into the ‘Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle’ category. And their revolutionary engine innovations have not taken away in the slightest from the luxury that Lexus has been known for over the years.

Another world-first is contained in the 2007 Lexus LS 600h: LED headlights. The list of interior features that come standard read like the options on most other sedans, including wood trim, XM Satellite Radio, an 8GB hard-drive for music, an Intuitive Parking Assist, a voice-activated Navigation system, and much, much more. Throw all of the available options on top of that, and it’s amazing that you even have to drive the car.

Of course, the body of the 2007 Lexus LS 600h is as gorgeous as it should be, oozing prestige and grace out of every inch of metal. Gliding low to the road, the LS 600h is near perfect: beautiful, comfortable, and safe for the world around and the people within. While I have yet to actual view this car in person, I cannot wait for that glorious day to arrive, and perhaps, just perhaps, for the day where I actually get to slide behind the driver’s seat and feel the power and cleanliness of the first-ever V8 hybrid. That will be a good day.

Have a look at some pictures of the stupendously crafted 2007 Lexus LS 600h here.

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