Volkswagen Tiguan Compact SUV Makes Its Debut

Scheduled to reach showrooms in just about a year, the Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUV made its “exceptionally early world premiere” at the L.A. Auto Show on Wednesday, Nov. 29. And it’s pretty big news, since it is powered by what VW calls “the diesel of the future.” Officially known as the Clean TDI, the Tiguan’s diesel engine reduces the output of nitrogen oxides by up to 90 percent, compared to a typical engine, ensuring that it will meet the “strictest emissions standards in the world,” according to Volkswagen. The engine is also one of the first automotive components to appear under the BLUETEC banner, a partnership formed by Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes-Benz to create clean, low-consumption cars and SUVs.

The goal with the Tiguan was to design a compact SUV that appears muscular, powerful, and capable, with design cues lifted from the VW’s Touareg and an overall look that is distinctively a Volkswagen. According to lead designer Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen did that by giving the Tiguan a long hood, an upright position, broad bumpers, high wheel arches, and headlights that merge with the dark-anodized metallic front grille. The vehicle also sports distinctive 19-inch wheels, which feature orange radial stripes that match the Tiguan’s paint color.

For the Tiguan’s interior, Volkswagen use a black, silver and orange color scheme. The leather seats, door trim and leather steering wheel are black, while instruments and door handles are silver. All leather seams are orange, and the orange tire stripe pattern is repeated down the centers of the seats. A wide panoramic sunroof helps brighten the dark interior. Volkswagen plans to unveil additional information about the Tiguan early in 2007.

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