All I Want for Christmas is the 2007 Jaguar XJ Super V8

Santa, baby, are you reading this?

Royal Ford’s review of the new Jaguar XJ Super V8 in Sunday’s Boston Globe has given me the biggest new-car crush I’ve had in a long time. According to this piece, and others, the 2007 Jaguar XJ has the retro-classic style we love on the outside, and a high-tech, high-performance engine, drivetrain, and suspension.

As someone who’s always loved the Jaguar style, but feared its famous unreliability, I couldn’t be more thrilled. (I had a friend, years ago, whose advertising-mogul dad had two Jags–not out of any conspicuous consumption impulse, but because one or the other was always in the shop!) Since the Ford buyout, repair records for the Jag have improved dramatically. If I was in the market for a luxury sports sedan, I don’t think I would deliberate too long before going for the Jag.

And yet, the Jaguar folks are offering some sweeteners. I wonder why–is the luxury market softening? Do many buyers share automotive journalist Royal Ford’s belief that the classic Jaguar style is outdated and needs a revamp? To me, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it–people who want a Jaguar that doesn’t look like an old-school Jaguar can always go for an XR, after all.

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