The Honda Fit: Small, Functional and Fun

Honda must have brought some sorcerers onboard with the design team of the 2007 Honda Fit, because there is no way that something with a body so small could possibly have that much interior room without magic and still remain so cute. Almost everything about the 2007 Honda Fit looks small: the engine is a 1.5 liter I-4 that somehow manages 109hp, the car is about 5 feet wide, and the 14 inch wheels. However, the number of huge features is staggering, like the 33/38mpg it gets, or the way the trunk has 21 cubic feet with the rear seats in place, which themselves have 33 inches of legroom. I wouldn’t suggest carting around a family and their possessions around in the Fit, but for a single person or a childless couple, this is a car that should handle everything with ease.

How about some basics? Well, I’ve already told you the engine size, which has a 0-60mph of 9.3 seconds, which is certainly respectable from a inexpensive hatchback. The 5-speed manual transmission that comes standard allows for some fun driving, though if you’re not interested, a 5-speed automatic is optional. And the front wheel drive and ABS system give the 2007 Honda Fit a rather high level of control for a vehicle in this class. And the all around airbag system makes sure that if any of those things fail (or other drivers on the road are worse than usual), you and your passengers remain safe.

I had the distinct pleasure of being inside a 2007 Honda Fit, albeit just for a trip to get some lunch down the road. Sitting inside, I felt no more cramped than in a Camry, or another mid-sized sedan. There was never any hesitation in entering traffic or in keeping up with the flow. The trunk looked like it could hold all the food I would ever need for a couple of weeks, and if more space was required, the rear seat folds away. I know after one ride, the 2007 Honda Fit is definitely on my list of cars I could realistically buy next time I get a car.

The 2007 Honda Fit, and other cars like it (i.e. the Mini Cooper or the Toyota Yaris) are something of an answer to the massive SUV craze that has been sweeping this country, much to the detriment of the environment. As a normal gasoline car, the Honda Fit performs almost as well as many hybrids. For most people, the Honda Fit is more than enough car. Perhaps its introduction to the American market signifies a change in the wind of unnecessarily and obnoxiously massive vehicles. I guess we can hope.

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