Food for thought: The Scion Fuse

Scion Fuse

The Scion tC has already grabbed the attention of the nation’s impressionable youth with its slick performance and affordability. But one question remains: how does the popular sports coupe maintain its momentum?

Toyota provided a glimpse into the future at the 2006 New York International Auto Show with the Scion Fuse. This concept car adds some potential insight into the impending evolution of the tC with its butterfly doors, 20″ wheels, wraparound windshield, Wi-Fi Internet access, and 2 10.5″ dashboard LCD displays with video game ports that allow you to blur the distinction between fantasy and reality.

Early projections tell us that the new model will have a 2.4 L, 160 hp I4 engine and enough customizable features to satisfy even the most avid tuners.

However, no one really knows if this concept car will materialize in quite the same way that Scion currently envisions. To quote VP Mark Templin, the Fuse represents a “styling exercise” that opens discussion and inspires new possibilities.

For the sake of the youth, let’s hope Scion turns this dream into a reality.

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