Suzuki Flix: A Drive-in in the Driveway

It’s not all that unusual for well-to-do movie buffs to have their own home theater for the ultimate in comfortable movie-viewing. But do you know anyone who has a private theater parked in their driveway?

You just may, if the Suzuki Flix concept car ever hits the market. Based on the new generation of the XL7, the Flix incorporates transportation and entertainment into one clever little crossover.

You have to see the photos to believe it: a 40-inch movie screen materializes from the open shell of the roof. Then all four bucket seats swivel to face it for the feature—but if you plan to watch more than trailers you might want to book ahead with your chiropractor.

Of course, if there’s more than four of you in the audience (don’t worry–this car is certain to attract a crowd), you can assure that everyone can see the feature, since the Flix is not just any old player—it’s also a projector.

Yes, a projector! That means that the world is your movie screen, as anything from the side of a barn to a huge snowbank can be the location for your night’s entertainment. Better make some extra popcorn.

Life is good at American Suzuki Motor Corporation, thanks to a highly successful 2006—their best year ever. Sales are up, and the designers there are apparently in a playful mood. The Flix is one of a quartet of concepts in their LIVE series (LIfe VEhicles) of modified SX4s and XL7s built to accommodate various interests. While the Flix obviously caters to movie fans, its XL7 counterpart the BaseCamp is for outdoors enthusiasts, and the SXBox SX4 is for gamers while the Zuk SX4 is aimed toward motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Flix concept is enhanced by efforts to give the car’s interior the look and feel of a contemporary theater–albeit with much more comfortable seating. The deal is sealed with red strip-lighting running along the floor and doors, mimicking the foot-lighting found at the movies.

The hi-def DVD system comes complete with a full speaker system, including pivoting back window speakers, and a hard drive for storing all of the family’s favorite flicks. And you thought you were spoiling your kids back when you opted for that rear-seat DVD player in the minivan.

So the Flix surely is unique, but is it useful? For one thing, the car must be parked for the system to be used, so it still won’t keep the kids quiet on that long drive to Grandma’s. But that’s precisely why it’s a concept car, right? And it has done its part as far as Suzuki is concerned: it brought the company a bit of attention at the North American Auto Show, and who could complain about that?

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