Porsche re-dials 911

2004 Porsche 911

When we were in kindergarten, my friends and I used to ask each other what cars we would get when we grew up. I always said I wanted a Chevy Chevette because my mom drove me to school in one. The more refined members in our Transformers play group called me crazy and said we should all get Porsches.

If we had some dough left over, we promised each other we would get the option to make our models come together and form into Voltron.

Yes, I eventually learned that cars can’t transform into robots. Nevertheless, Porsche has shown an uncanny ability to transform how the public perceives the people who drive their vehicles. The 2008 Porsche 911 lays claim as a worthy heir to the automotive throne by featuring some minor changes that should make major waves.

While the 2007 911 trims pack anywhere from 325 to 480 horses under the hood, industry insiders tell us that new direct-injection engines should increase those figures by 5 to 25 hp across the board by ’08. Fuel economy should improve by 10-15% and Porsche plans to replace the Tiptronic automatic transmission with a smoother dual clutch gearbox.

In the end, when it comes to updating its crown jewel, Porsche appears to practice addition by inertia: until the competition submits a worthy challenger, the 911 shouldn’t have to worry about anyone pushing it around anytime soon.

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