Air Force Fun: The Audi Roadjet

Audi Roadjet Concept

Not too long ago, Ruben Studdard won American Idol with his stirring rendition of “Flying Without Wings.” While a recent poll revealed that only about 13 people in America remembered that fact, Audi might want to have him on speed-dial for their marketing campaign when they introduce their Roadjet compact concept to European showrooms in the near future. After an eye-opening debut at the January 2006 Detroit Auto Show, Audi has announced that the concept will finally materialize in Europe in the near future.

Audi has made sure to make the ride fun for everyone. It all begins with a unique interior design, which features 3 rows that seat 5. Each front seat has a 7″ screen on the back of its headrest and the second row features a central console where you can store anything from a video game system to an espresso machine.

Got bass? The Roadjet has plenty to spare with its 14 speaker, 1,000 watt audio system. If you need more cargo room, simply fold down the two second row seats and slide down the fifth seat in the back.

While the interior design will impress just about anyone, the Roadjet really shines in its performance and high-tech specs. First, the 3.2 L, 300 hp V6 powertrain features a new 7 speed direct shift gearbox, which switches on a dime with its twin-clutch design. Acceleration from 0-60 mph takes 6.3 seconds and fuel consumption should come out to a solid 22.6 mpg. Best of all, Audi has joined forces with other manufacturers to include “car-to-car communications” transmitters that will allow vehicles to exchange information to help determine traffic patterns, find a parking space, or even save another driver who has veered too far off the road for anyone to see.

As for availability on this side of the pond, don’t get your hopes up. Experts believe that Audi will instead market the more SUV-like Q5 in order to appeal to the American automotive palette. Whenever and wherever it does arrive, expect the Audi Roadjet to keep its wheels on the ground and its hood in the clouds.

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