Carving up the Road with the Carver One

Carver One

When you compare it to the ISwing, below, the Carver One seems like a staid family sedan! But this motorcycle/car hybrid is definitely drawing its share of buzz at the Geneva Auto Show. Although it may look like a glorified golf-cart, the Carver One is street-legal in Europe, and according to our friends at, dozens of them have already been shipped for sale from the Carver distribution center in Alsace.

So you may be asking, “Why do I care?” Well, if the people at VentureOne have their way, they’ll be bringing a version of the Carver technology to North America some time in the near future. Although I don’t see a big future for the one-cylinder Carver One over here (despite what seems like pretty amazing performance for a tiny mill: according to, the Carver One turbo-charged plant puts out 68 horsepower, and takes the 643-kilogram [1414-pound] vehicle from 0 to 100 km/hour in 8.2 seconds!)

VentureOne’s idea is to marry the basic Carver One technology with a streamlined design and power the whole thing with an innovative modular drive train. Their goal is to offer hybrid and electric two-seaters that will meet all of the street-legality requirements of motorcycles.According to the VentureOne prospectus, their goal is to ship product in the fall of 2008. That’s pretty ambitious, though VentureOne does have a lot of capital backing, as well as the experience of Carver’s engineering, manufacturing, and sales behind it. (I could write a whole entry on Carver’s amazingly cool gyroscopic technology, but Jacob Gordon at has already beaten me to it.)

And you know what? The VentureOne concept looks…well, awesome. I’m going to be following this story closely from now on…as closely as an angry tailgater!

VentureOne concept