Rold Gold: The Rinspeed eXasis

Rinspeed Exasis

With all apologies to my favorite pretzel maker, I couldn’t help thinking that Swiss autodesigner Rinspeed’s eXasis (pronounced ee-ex-asis) concept looked a lot like a rolling golden finger.  Attendees at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show couldn’t help staring at the gears and engine that shamelessly revealed themselves under the transparent Makrolon plastic.  The buzz quickly established the new model as one of the most intriguing cars you’ll never get to drive.

So if the maker doesn’t plan to sell it, why build it?  Well, as Rick James Chappelle used to say, “It’s a celebration!”  Rinspeed marked its 30th anniversary by building the machine and headache-breaker Bayer popped the cork for the 40th anniversary of its own plastic car design by wrapping Rinspeed’s technology in yellow Makrolon.  This 2 seat model could probably help you take home the neighborhood soapbox racing title with its 150 hp, 2 cylinder engine that runs on bioethanol.  As for the seats themselves, they look a lot like beach chairs with their ribbed design.  Overall, the eXasis looks like the perfect companion for a day of fun in the sun.

While you won’t find the Rinspeed eXasis for sale, the design reflects the growing trend toward sleek, lightweight frames and cleaner engines in the automotive industry.  This slender concept car should help fuel the imaginations of those who like to think outside the box.

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– posted by Taeho Lim