The Ford Airstream Enters the Stream of Consciousness

Ford Airstream

Have you driven a Ford lately? Possibly not, especially given the domestic automaker’s recent financial issues. However, as Ford gears up for another run at international prominence, it certainly hasn’t given up on pushing the envelope with a new concept car that looks like a spaceship: the Ford Airstream. One look at its futuristic design should tell you that Ford couldn’t have drawn this up on its own, given its historic penchant for understated elegance. So who could have collaborated on this unique project?

A wise man once said that a man’s car is his castle, and Airstream, Inc. would know that better than anyone as a manufacturer of trailers and motor homes for 76 years. Based in Jackson Center, OH, Airstream had a lot of input into this innovative design that defies classification.

When it comes to the car itself, you’ll notice that the special exterior paint makes the sturdy steel body shine like aluminum. In addition, the dimensions match the Ford Edge. Step inside and you’ll appreciate the rich red fabric that lines the cabin. A cylinder-shaped LED screen enables you to pop in your favorite DVD and watch it from just about any angle.

While the interior and exterior design will make you do a double-take, perhaps the most futuristic aspect of the Airstream comes from the powertrain: a hydrogen hybrid fuel cell. In addition to saving the environment, this device works a little differently from your traditional fuel cell. While most fuel cells supply power directly to the wheels, the Airstream’s cell charges a lithium ion battery. The charged battery then fuels the electric motors that rotate the wheels.

So when can you get one? No one knows for sure, although we’ll have plenty of opportunities to see the car for ourselves. After making its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January, the Airstream will make appearances around the country in 2007 before Ford decides on a potential release date. In any event, Ford and Airstream want to make sure that this unique concept enters your stream of consciousness before it enters the stream of commerce.

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