Remember When One Hemi Was Enough?

Introducing the most capable off-roader you will never own.
…or will you?

While other automakers may be busy competing to reach the paramount of eco-consciousness, the folks at Daimler Chrysler are continuing to think outside of that limiting, environmentally friendly box. In a time of fuel cells, three-wheeled solar-powered concepts, and hybrids, Daimler Chrysler has the Hemi V-8. So now, why not two Hemis in one vehicle? The Jeep Hurricane 4×4 is powered by two 5.7 liter Hemi V-8s, for a total output of 670 horsepower and 740 pound-feet of torque. Jeep claims a 0 to 60 time of 4.9 seconds. And it’s not as environmentally neglectful as it sounds, either. Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement System allows the Hurricane to run on four, eight, twelve or all sixteen cylinders.

The Hurricane also boasts 14 inches of ground clearance, approach-departure angles of 64.0 and 86.7 degrees, a mechanically controlled four-wheel torque distribution system, four-wheel steering and a 0-foot turning radius. Thanks to a unique tow-steer system, which allows both the front and rear wheels to turn inward, the Hurricane can do a 360 degree turn in place.

Jeep first unveiled the Hurricane concept at the Detroit Auto Show in 2005. Unlike the Gladiator concept, the Hurricane was not intended to demonstrate the future direction of the company. It was merely designed to be a show-stopper, which it was. While it was touted as the “most capable 4×4 ever,” and was named Autoweek’s “Most Fun” concept that year, few off-road enthusiasts had any hope that such a vehicle would ever see production. Since then, Jeep has remained rather ambivalent about the future of the Hurricane.

However, this concept recently became newsworthy once again amidst whispers about the possibility of limited production. Public reception has demonstrated that there is actually a demand for such a vehicle, and there have been discussions about possible military use. Now, one could argue that if the Hurricane concept is called upon for a military application, then the public will eventually get a taste. A quick look at the history of Land Rover, Hummer, and, of course, Jeep will back up such a thesis.

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