Acura NSX Roars Back to Life

Admist all the automotive news about hybrids and compact SUVs and fuel-efficient engines and Smart cars no bigger than a size 11 shoe, there slip occasionally a few tasty tidbits about unabashed modern-day supercars. Admittedly some of these cars seem a little out of place in this day and age of soaring gas prices, but perhaps that’s what makes them so desirable. They’re sort of the bad boys of the automotive industry, and their numbers are small yet growing.

The newest addition to the 2008 lineup of multinational supercars is the Acura NSX, which hasn’t been seen on North American shores since 2005. By the time it dropped out of showrooms, the NSX had been around for 15 years and was showing signs of being dated. That’s not the case with the 2008 version, which has received a major makeover — and even that is a bit of an understatement.

Back in January, Honda unveiled the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept (pictured above), which is generally accepted to be close to the final look for the 2008 NSX. And the changes between the old NSX and the new model are not only skin deep. The engine, for instance, will now be mounted under the front hood, rather than amidships. And the new NSX is expected to receive Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive, as well as a new V-10 engine.

The new NSX is currently ungoing testing, and a number of test cars have been captured by spycams. For the final version, though, we’ll have to wait until the Tokyo Motor Show this fall. But it looks like the new NSX will be well worth the wait.

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