What if gas prices keep going down?

Coming back in style?

Big SUVs: Coming back in style?


Whoa, put on the brakes folks because we need to take another look at gas prices.

Believe it or not, as of September 24, prices of our addiction had FALLEN for 6 straight days. And get this: during the summer, prices actually fell for 34 straight days.

There’s probably not any hope of prices going back to the comfortable good ol’ days of $2 a gallon, but with prices comfortably below $4, imagine what could happen if prices stabilize or even continue to fall.

It’s certainly possible that Americans will get used to our current prices and fall right back into our old habits of driving big SUVs. Before we know it, we won’t even think twice before piloting our Expeditions across town just to pick up a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Hey, it could happen. Just as auto manufactures begin panicking and shifting towards smaller more fuel efficient cars, the industry could just go back to the way it’s always been.  Auto makers would be in a real lurch after that!

It all makes me wonder if the current consumer demand for high MPG cars is a short or long term shift.

If prices stay where they are for a long period of time, I’d bet on our collective love for the SUV and even venture to say that instead of a backlog of Sequoias, we’ll see Sentras clogging dealers’ lots.

Hybrids? HA! If you have one, maybe you’ll have a relic of American history and laugh as you remember the time we freaked out and lost our faith in good ol’ gasoline.

So what do you think? Is now the time to pick up that Yukon Denali, while the value of SUVs are at historic lows?


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