INVASION! Of the hatchback

Coming to America

The Volvo C30: Coming to America

There are two kinds of cars America has loved in the last two decades: SUVs and cars with trunks.

Hatchbacks were just funky little novelties that Europeans loved.

Man, things can change quickly!

Look at all the hatchbacks popping up in America over the last couple model years: Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Suzuki SX4, MINI Cooper, Audi A3, VW GTI, Scion xD.

And check this out: According to a study by CNW Marketing Research, just over 20 percent of near-luxury buyers said they preferred a hatchback to a sedan or wagon. Yes, “near-luxury” and hatchback were used in the same sentence!

As the market share of compact cars increases, the popularity of hatchbacks will also increase.

It’s been since the oil crisis of the ’70s that hatchbacks have enjoyed this kind of popularity. Now that we’re in another oil crisis, the benefits of the versatile hatch are again being recognized. Only this time they are more luxurious, safer, and much better built.

Europe on the other hand never escaped a gas crisis. When we were enjoying $1.30 gas, Europe was choking it down at $5 or more. It makes sense that the popularity of the hatch never waned on that side of the Atlantic.

The hatchback in America has been nothing more than a symbol of frugality in a time when we’ve been all about extravagance. Simply put.

Now reality is catching up to us, and it’s coming in the form of the hatchback.

Watch your dealerships, friends, because new hatches are arriving from Europe in the form of the Ford Feista, Volvo C30, and more. Hopefully we’ll even get our chances at the Mercedes A Class and Honda Civic Type R.

There are even some exciting hatchbacks making their debut at the Paris Auto Show this week in the form of the Toyota Urban Cruiser, BMW X1 and MINI Crossover concept.

Americans: Are you on board with the coming invasion of the European hatchback?

Europeans: Do you love hatchbacks as much as Americans think you do?


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