Watch out Japan, the Germans are coming

Can this combo be number one?

Can this combo be number one?

The Germans want to rule the world.

Well, at least the automotive world.

Volkswagen has said they want to overtake Toyota as the world’s number one mass market manufacturer of automobiles.

A lofty goal for sure. But if you find yourself laughing in the face of this semi-obscure German car company, perhaps a swift slap across your face from Porsche will snap you out of it.

Porsche already owns about 30 percent of V-dub. If the luxury car company has their way, they’ll soon own over 50 percent of the people’s car company.

The implications are huge.

VW and Porsche are at opposite ends of the car spectrum, though recent years have brought us Volkswagens that can cost $60K and Porsches that can cost $50K.

Don’t expect more of this in the future though. I’d guarantee that with Porsche in control, they’ll make sure the proper distance is kept between the cars for everyone and the cars for the elite.

It sure seems like the pieces are falling into place for VW to achieve their goal of world domination:

Gas prices: They have been coming down since summer, but are still high. Diesel fuel is a popular alternative not because it costs less but because it provides much higher miles per gallon. Volkswagen has already established itself in America as a leader in diesel automobiles, so it could easily introduce more.

Name recognition: Volkswagen already has brand awareness across the globe, especially in America.

Mystique of Porsche: Porsches are the cars many Americans aspire to. They are the symbol of pure performance and often define success. With the Porsche name firmly planted behind Volkswagen, the perception of VW will increase greatly.

Granted, Volkswagen will need to work out the bugs of questionable reliability and their notoriously high cost of repairs. But with the Porsche name behind them, you won’t see me betting against their odds of becoming number one.

Do you think Volkswagen can overtake Toyota?


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