No clear consumer support for automotive bailout.

52% of survey respondents disapprove of a government bailout for GM and Ford.

Consumer sentiment mirrors initial reaction to bank bailout package.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 3 — CarGurus® (, a leading online automotive community, today announced the results of its survey of more than 8,000 online automotive consumers worldwide. Fifty-two percent of respondents said they do not support a government bailout for General Motors and Ford. While 48% do favor some sort of bailout, the survey illustrated the lack of consumer consensus on bailouts and in particular federal support for these leading U.S. automotive manufacturers.

Lack of consensus mirrors split over bank bailout package
“In these tough economic times, consumers appear to be torn on whether to support Ford and GM with some sort of federal assistance,” remarked Langley Steinert, CEO/co-founder of CarGurus. “Not unlike the close votes in Congress on the bank bailout, the nation is split on federal assistance for private industry. Many see it as a necessary step to save jobs, but an equal proportion find it hard to stomach using public funds to support private industry.”

Survey Results
Across the CarGurus Network, respondents answered the question:

Should the government bail out GM and Ford?
(Total Votes = 8,100)
No – 52%
Yes – 48%

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  1. I am against the government bailing out the auto industry. The airlines bailed themselves out without the help of our government. Why can’t the auto industry?
    I am a nurse of 20+ years and still do not make the money or have the benefits of the auto industry. I worked in healthcare and yet I can’t even afford it.
    I personally know a local highschool graduate hired on at Fords in Louisville, KY. He made $70,000.00/year in his first year and as a nurse of 20 years+ I still do not make $70,000.00/year, nor do my benefits even come close to what this guy has at Fords. I have a BSN (I.U 1988) and was a nurse manager for three years and my salary was $58,000.00 tops.
    I think priorities in this country are screwed up!

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