Thinking about an SUV? Consider these!

Maybe the SUV doesn’t need to die.

There’s definitely less of a need for the Suburbans, Excursions, and Sequoias of the world, but families still need to tow their toys, haul their kids and plow through snowstorms.  

Though these SUVs won’t tow yachts or carry a truckload of Home Depot supplies, they’re the ones that actually make some sense in a world where utility and practicality are coming into balance.

GMC Acadia

Its starting price of about $32K is the highest on the list, but it’s also arguably the most negotiable. The Acadia offers plenty of room for 8, has decent fuel economy for its size, and brings a nice amount of bling into your garage. This is a great choice for large families who need to go to Costco in a snowstorm on the way to the ski resort.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Starting around $23K, the Tiguan brings the lure of European style to the compact SUV class. The selling points are a turbo engine and awesome driving dynamics. This is the SUV for those who need one, but really LOVE to drive.

Subaru Tribeca

Starting around $30K, the Tribeca is the SUV for those who need one but place comfort well over driving dynamics. It’s serene and quiet while providing the peace of mind of strong all weather grip. (Somehow this Subaru is starting to look like a Chrysler, but at least it’s better than the previous B-9 Tribeca.)

Honda CR-V

Starting at around $22K, this is the SUV that wins the “Most True to its Name” award: the Comfortable Runabout Vehicle. Plus it has the added bonus of being nearly unstoppable in snow and ice.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

For SUV buyers looking for a real value, it’s hard to beat the Grand Vitara. Starting under $20K, it offers real off road ability, a 100K warranty, luxurious touches, attractive styling and defaults to RWD when not in 4WD mode. 

What’s YOUR perfect SUV?


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