What will Tata Motors do with Jaguar?

Expect great things from Jaguar under Tata

Expect great things from Jaguar under Tata


It’s been a while since we’ve last heard from the new owners of Jaguar. The luxury automaker struggled while under Ford ownership, and new owner Tata Motors has been pretty quiet about their plans for the storied brand.

That has caused some fear in Jaguar loyalists as they wonder how in the world the same company that builds the world’s cheapest car can possibly succeed in doing justice to the elegance of the once-British car company.

Ford really didn’t do any favors to Jag though, attempting to bring the essence of Jaguar luxury to the masses. The result: An entry-level sedan that failed miserably and a mid-size sedan that has ended up on more than one list of ugly cars.

There was even talk at Ford of building a Jaguar SUV.

Tata Motors doesn’t have any experience building luxury automobiles, but I won’t let that stop me from believing they are going to be the savior Jaguar fans have been hoping for.

First of all, Tata plans on moving Jag back up market by deciding against an entry-level sub $40K vehicle. They’ve also firmly backed away from creating an SUV, a move that makes sense considering they also own the SUV king: Land Rover.

Here’s what to watch for in the coming years from the new Jaguar: 

         New V8 engines in early 2009

         A Supercharged XF-R in mid 2009

         A redesigned XJ in 2010 (look for XF design cues)

         In 2011, 2012 and beyond, watch for a possible XF coupe and a smaller roadster to compete with the Porsche Boxster and BMW X4   

I think these are exciting times for Jaguar. I predict that we’ll see Jags that are truly luxurious with the performance to match. Tata Motors is a company with a lot to prove, and I’m willing to bet that they won’t let us down.

What do you think: Will Jaguar return to glory under Tata? 



  1. Ford brought Jag into the realm of mass production with part standardization and modernized mfg principles. The reduced cost and widened the model range, not so much to bring the car to the masses, but to bring a much needed profit to their bottom line. It seems as though true Jag aficionados would not appreciate any change from the “true Jag” model offerings – XJ’s and more XJ’s. In this time, Ford was responsible for the rebirth of the S-type, a beautiful and luxurious saloon that gets many a compliment – I own one, and brought in an entry level X series on pace with Mercedes, BMW, and most every other luxury car brand which continues to sell hence the long production run.

    It was an innovative vision that took this company from making motorcycle side cars to producing some of the finest vehicles on the road. The lack of vision in the 80’s nearly early ended a legacy that can surmount even the shady nuances of Tata Motor’s ownership. As for Tata’s takeover, perhaps we could chalk it up to a bout of Nationalist ego and pride of owning the company that manufactures the English Prime Minister’s official car. Regardless, I do not see much future for Jaguar unless Tata follows what Ford started and continues to evolve the brand and energize the innovation that inspired enthusiasts everywhere.

    After all, not every qualified buyer is looking for a full sized supercharged saloon with vague remnants of a former glory.

  2. I’m firmly believer on what has been written abt Tata’s.

    jaguar in SUV doesn’t make sense keeping the brand image in mind. For sure Tata’s has a robust strategy to revive the lost glory of Jaguar – THE JAGUAR


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