One place where GM’s business is cruising

The U.S. Lacrosse

The U.S. Lacrosse

Buick is making a comeback, and is one of the best sellers among middle-class families looking for a little luxury.
Don’t believe me? You must not live in China.
Yup, the best selling foreign automaker in China is Buick. In fact, GM sold more than twice the number of Buicks in China than in the U.S. in 2007.
Buick’s product line in China is different from their U.S. offerings though they use some of the same names: Enclave, Park Avenue and Lacrosse. In China they also offer a smaller model called Excelle and a minivan called the GL8. The Park Avenue is actually a version of the Holden Statesman and the Lacrosse just looks so much cooler in Chinese dress than in American. 

The Chinese Lacrosse

The Chinese Lacrosse

It’s those differences that have spurred chatter online about why GM doesn’t offer some of the Chinese models in the states, or why the American Lacrosse isn’t as sleek as the Chinese version.

It all comes down to market differences, or at least perceived market differences by GM. The Chinese auto market really isn’t that different from ours, with consumers demanding semi-luxurious youthful cars that are fuel efficient and well built for a good price. Pretty simple really, and it seems GM got it right in China while their business decisions in America have led to a near collapse.

Perhaps it’s time for the U.S. automakers to take a long hard look at China and apply some of their strategies at home. Or how about this possible outcome: GM stays in business, but builds the majority of their cars in China and exports them to the U.S. Why not? Chevy’s U.S Equinox has an engine built in…China.

Would you buy a GM vehicle that wasn’t made in America


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