GM’s claims: fact or fiction?

If something can go wrong with a company, GM has experienced it. From bad management to a questionable product line to faltering sales, GM’s business has virtually collapsed.

As part of the fear-inducing effort to spin up some support for a government bailout, GM has created a Web site, Here are some of the outcomes of the failure of the U.S. auto industry it claims on the front page:

* Nearly 3 million jobs would be lost in the first year alone – with another 2.5 million to follow over the next two years  

* Domestic automobile production would more than likely fall to zero – even by international producers, due to supplier bankruptcies

So GM expects the world to believe that ALL auto production in the States would grind to a halt if GM were to fail. My-oh-my the General sure is self-absorbed! Just talk to the heads at Toyota, Honda, BMW, Kia and Volkswagen, all of whom are building new plants here and expanding their production capabilities in America. If I were them I’d be hoping for mass GM layoffs so I could snatch up some experienced workers without the crazy union agreements that GM is obligated to.

I also heavily question the claim that 3 million people would lose their jobs. According to GM’s Web site, they employ 252,000 people.  I wouldn’t argue that a few hundred thousand might lose their jobs, or more likely change jobs, but to say 3 million people would be out of work? That is just GM trying to scare America into supporting their bail out. 

I can honestly say I want GM to succeed and thrive because I value the heritage they’ve contributed to US history and believe in their potential for innovation.

I’d just like to see them succeed through honesty instead of fear.

How do GM’s claims on their fact or fiction page make you feel? 


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