Is there only room for a Big 2?

Less of these...

Maybe if they just built less of these...


How many vehicle models would you guess are produced by Ford, Chrysler and GM for the 2008 model year? 

Take a moment and think about it… I’m talking all of Ford’s offerings, Chrysler’s stable including Jeep and Dodge, and all of GM’s brands that are sold in the U.S.

If you guessed 94 different models across all of their brands, congratulations!  

But here’s the part that really shocked me: Over 60% of those are trucks, SUVs or vans. Is it any wonder why U.S. automakers are collapsing?

I can’t figure out why it’s literally taking an act of Congress to figure out the problem here and how to solve it. Instead of congressional hearings and talk of spending $35 billion, let’s just whittle down the combined product offerings to about half the current levels. We’ll still offer trucks and SUVs, just less of them while increasing our supply of more economical vehicles.

Sure that probably means there’s only room for a Big 2, but I don’t see a problem with sending Chrysler to the liquidation aisles. GM can shed Saab and Saturn along with the problematic Envoy and Trailblazer without too many tears being shed. Ford can start with dumping the Explorer and Expedition.

Ford and GM would then be free to continue down the path of restructuring. They’ll produce significantly less F-150s and Tahoes while ramping up the production on Fiestas, Volts and Malibus.

In the end we’d have two strong, lean and competitive companies leading the United States into the new era of vehicle production. 

What do you think: Is there room for three auto manufacturers in the new U.S. economy? 


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  1. i think that part of what you said is very true they need to quit emphasizing the truck and suv corner of the business. this is a tough time we are going through high gas prices cost of living i mean we just can’t afford to live like we did say 5 years ago things are getting tougher these days. i also think that vehicles should be priced a lot less it’s crap that you go buy a car for 20 to 50 grand that is also having a big impact on car sales not many people can afford to just go get a loan for that amount of money. just to get a loan these days you have to have damn near perfect credit which most americans do not have y not bypass banks and get financed directly through the car company and they should then offer guarenteed financing no credit checks sales would sky rocket. also the big two i don’t see that as a very good idea just for the fact the amount of jobs that will be lost with general motors plans to x the entire company of chrysler but keep jeep that is a lot of people out on the street and that would be stupid. also chrysler is building the best vehicles they have ever had in the past. all which are pretty fuel efficient too. yeah they have struggles but it’s crap to just say get rid of them if that happens my heart goes out to each and every employee at chrysler. the other thing that would help american car companies sales go up is people that live here in the us need to buy american support our economy not japans thats crap people are mislead about foreign cars oh they get better mileage well how about you people do some real hw and you will find that ford dodge and chevy have models that get the same damn mileage. i’m a mechanic people also say foreign cars are better quality thats complete rubish all cars have problems after all they are mechanical stuff will break and the cost of fixing a foreign car is way more expensive then an american car so just remember that car will break down at some point in its life may be cheaper in the short run but the long run big bucks. so support the usa not the japs

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