The 5 coolest movie cars of all time!

Sometimes the cars in movies are more memorable than the actors or even the movie itself. 

In rare instances, a car will completely steal the show and over time become an iconic symbol and represent an entire generation of memories. Here are 5 of those cars, and I know there are countless more. Feel free to share your favorites here as well! 

The Ghostbusters Ambulance

Just look at it and you’ll start singing the song. You’ll have memories of ectoplasm, Slimer and the Sta-Puft Marshmellow Man. Bonus points to you if you remember the name of the car: Ecto-1. 

The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Ferrari

If I was a valet guy and this car pulled up, I’d smile to myself knowing I was about to have the time of my life! Just like in the movie.

The Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang Shelby GT

Eleanor, as she is known, is simply beautiful. Plus she can jump over traffic jams and land without popping tires or breaking axles. Given the opportunity, I’d steal her too! 

The Back to the Future DeLorean

Nuclear power, an onboard flux capacitor and the ability to travel through time once it hits 88 miles per hour makes this otherwise forgettable piece of automotive history memorable forever. 

The Quantum of Solace Aston Martin DBS

Some say Bond should only be behind the wheel of a Bentley. I disagree. In fact, if I were to make a list of the coolest cars ever built in the history of the world, this Aston Martin would be on that list. So it’s only natural to put the car on this list. 

What are some of your favorite movie cars?



  1. How did this not make the top 5?

    The black 1972 Ford Falcon XA Coupe – also known as “the Last of the V8 Interceptors” from Mad Max 1 and 2? The car outstarred Mel Gibson…

  2. There should be a few honorable mentions too.

    – Dodge Challenger (Vanishing Point)
    – Ford Mustang (Bullitt)
    – Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger)
    – Pontiac Trans Am (Smokey and the Bandit)

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