What are the best and worst cars produced by the Big 3?

Hey, it's reliable, comfortable and practical!

Hey, it's reliable, comfortable and practical!


There’s an interesting topic floating around in the blog-o-sphere regarding the best and worst cars Ford, GM and Chrysler have ever produced.

While hearing comments on Corvettes, Mustangs, Pintos and Chevettes might be mildly interesting, I think it would be WAY more interesting to hear what the best and worst cars are from the last 5 years.

I’m not just talking the ugliest or sexiest, but overall best and worst vehicles the Big 3 have produced since the 2003 model year.

Some of the best that come to my mind are the new Cadillac CTS, Chevy Malibu… heck I’ll even give props to the Caravan. Some that might be on my worst list might be the Ford Escort, Chrysler Sebring and the fifth generation Pontiac Grand Am.

I’ll wait to build an official list though until the brilliance of the CarGurus community shines through and shares their thoughts…It’ll be interesting to see what models are mentioned the most often!

What do you think are the best & worst cars introduced by the U.S.’s Big Three automakers since 2003?



  1. BEST-
    2008 Cadillac CTS
    2008 Chevrolet Malibu (and its sibling, the Saturn Aura)
    2006 Ford Fusion
    2009 Ford Flex
    2009 Lincoln MKS

    Chevrolet Cobalt
    Buick…any model- it has “ick” right in the name!
    GM Minivans
    Chrysler Sebring/Dodge Avenger
    Dodge Caliber/Jeep Compass/Jeep Patriot (siblings)

  2. @jgoods
    The mystique of Mustang! I owned a 1994 model, which I purchased simply because I was in love with the image. Nevermind that I lived in a wintry area and the RWD wouldn’t get me where I needed to go. Or that the cramped back seat wouldn’t hold car seats. I HAD to have it… and held onto it until the head gaskets blew at about 50K and my son no longer fit in the back. And you know what? I could STILL see myself buying another one. I’m nuts.

  3. Hammond loves the Mustang too. I think he owns a 60’s one. I seem to recall him doing a review of it in one of the earlier seasons.

    Clarkson is starting to change his tune on American cars. All he used to say was that “they are pieces of junk made for fat Americans” but his more recent reviews of some Americans cars have been pretty positive. Had good things to say about the ZR1 and the CTS-V, as well as what he said above about the Mustang.

  4. Best- Mustang, Fusion, Corvette, G8, SS Camaro, GTO, SVT Focus, Challenger, SRT8 everything, heck even the top of the line trucks US makes are awsome. They make 2 really bad ace supercars (ZR1 and Ford GT). The US absolutely dominates one niche in the market-Muscle Cars. The only problem is we cant make decent looking/performing small cars, and small cars is where the market moved to. I mean really name a good small car that competes….name even a good one…maybe the cobalt ss, they don’t make svt focus’ anymore-I guess the SRT4 neon and the other one they make now are good. I don’t know if I were to buy a car-say for about 19K-I don’t know if I would buy a new US car. I would probably buy a used M3 not a fusion or malibu. I might actually buy a used 05+Mustang GT or a used used vette.

  5. TG: You may be familiar with a Brit named Jeremy Clarkson who writes a column for the TimesOnline. Back in February he wrote a column about the 25 worst cars and had this to say about the Ford Mustang after complaining about its live rear axle:

    “None of this matters, because whenever I see a Mustang I’m filled with a sometimes uncontrollable urge to buy one. I know the stripes are silly, I know the wheels are slightly wider than is strictly necessary and I realise the big bulge on the bonnet is as laughable as the hosepipe attachment Robert Plant used to sport in his pants.

    “I’m also aware that the seats are made from UHT leather, that the dash is made from materials that Lego would reject, that it can be beaten off the lights by a Golf (cart) and that in England such a car would mark me out as someone who in pubs says, “I’ll take a Bud,” because secretly I want to be American.

    “And yet the feeling persists. Maybe it’s the badge and all that Bullitt nonsense. Maybe it’s the style. It is a good-looking car. But mostly it’s the fact it’s the only Ford made today with rear-wheel drive. That shows that beneath all the rubbish it was designed by someone who cares.”

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