What is REVO EVOM?


Imagine you’re on an open freeway with nothing but clear pavement and blue sky in front you. You’re cruising comfortably at 5 or 10 over the speed limit when you see a car up ahead that looks like it’s passing a semi in the left lane. You put on your left blinker, check your blind spot, and change lanes so you can overtake the truck without messing up the cruise control settings.

You’re expecting the car in front of you to pass the truck, then move over into the right lane so you can continue on your merry way without changing your speed.

Only there’s a problem. The car in front of you ISN’T passing the semi. In fact, for some reason only explainable by insanity he’s decided to match the semi’s speed EXACTLY. You grunt as you wait until the last possible second before pushing ‘cancel’ on the cruise control. Your car’s RPMs drop in response, which wakes up your spouse, who thinks you’re exiting for the next gas station.

You’re stuck behind a 1997 Buick and a lumbering truck stacked full of cows, and you’re out of options for passing either of them.

I can’t think of another situation on America’s freeways that so instantly dials up the road rage meter. 

Enter REVO EVOM, a decal people are placing on their hoods or windshields that when read from the Buick’s rear-view mirror will give a very clear message: MOVE OVER. 

Take heed, fellow drivers, because some states are coming to the rescue by actually enforcing new laws and fining people for spending too much time in the left lane. In my home state, Washington, that fine is $124.

It’s about time those left-lane lugnuts get taught a lesson and give us our open road back! 

Are you more likely to be the one getting a ticket, or ordering a REVO EVOM sign?



  1. for Colin R – I think you meant right lane not left. Over there traffic is on the left and you overtake on the right.

  2. I think its actually illegal in the UK to stay in the left lane unless you are passing.

    Don’t quote me on that, but I remember my Aunt, who lives in Scotland, saying not to stay in the left lane when I was there because I would get pulled over.

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